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Kamikoto, the original manufacturer of Japanese Honshu steel knives, is building a growing reputation for their handmade Honshu steel knives in the US.

Japan’s reputation for blades dates back to the 13th century, and these traditions have directly translated to how the Kamikoto master knife crafters make knives to this day. This dedication appears to have paid off, with the brand finding double digit growth and recognition amongst a growing audience in the West.

Kamikoto’s expertise is apparent from the weight and selection of steel to the finish. The best-selling Kanpeki Knife Set features a meat cleaver, a slicing knife and a utility knife in superb Honshu steel. “Kamikoto knives may be made by experts, but even home cooks can benefit from having a good knife in the kitchen. And not just sushi, these are a good set of knives for almost any cuisine. We want our clients to use these knives every day, and to feel our honest approach, and authentic design. Our success gives us hope. It’s a huge impetus to our craft. This allows us to tell the stories through our traditional design and to reach a global audience for years and years to come.”

Like other brands focused on craft, Kamikoto appears to have benefited from revival of interest in handmade design and are increasingly discovering ways to reach new audiences on digital platforms.

“Kamikoto blades have cut down cultural barriers. We’re seeing incredible interest in our knives and adding new clients every day. It’s reassuring to do well, but we have been making knives for a while, and our approach has always been to focus on perfection, creating a fine blade that our clients will be happy with. A handmade knife has a special feel that doesn’t compare with your usual store bought knife. And they keep for generations.”

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